Position Yourself As The Expert Authority In Your Industry

Your market place is probably crowded with many different products and services aiming to solve the same problem as you. What if:

  • What if you could stand out from the crowd?

  • What if you could establish a brand that commands the attention of not only the buyers but also other businesses in your industry?

  • What if by establishing a position of authority in your industry, you could develop an automatic lead generation method, which you can slow down or accelerate whenever you like?

  • What if you did not have to waste money on desperate advertisements, which have little or no impact on your business whatsoever and had customers actively seeking out your products or services?

  • What if by drawing in tons of hot leads with each passing minute, you were able to generate record-breaking sales and grow your business to the next level?

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This free bonus module turns that sweet dream into a reality. It helps you command authority as an expert in your field. Ultimately, you can focus on growing your business instead of worrying about how to get new customers.

Battle tested and proven by the United Kingdom’s most respected Business Coach

In 1965, a young boy aspired to be a teacher and make millions. However, with time, he realised that school teachers don’t often make millions. Fast forward years later, that same boy is now your trainer today. Tim Meagher has been a sales and marketing expert for over 30 years. In all this time, he has helped thousands of businesses realise incredible growth spurts.

Although he was once at the brink of bankruptcy, Tim now commands four to six figure, one to one, coaching fees. He is a testimony that the lessons in this course are factual and will work for you and your business.

His clients love him, you will too!

‌Tim was a pleasure to work with and provided a very valuable extra dimension to our business. We loved his exceptional talent at communicating people’s worth and potential with such clarity that they come to see it in themselves. The training course was exhilarating delivered with infectious enthusiasm. He is an Inspirational Leader. It is easy to recommend a man who has an equal abundance of charm and integrity.‌

Terry Hadley MD – Sales Focus

In a short but precise 4 minute video, Tim Meagher lets you in on the most essential tips to help you position yourself as an expert within your industry. The video is coupled with a video transcript and a workbook, which you can browse through in minutes and start to command authority in your industry.


Generate more valuable sales leads with each lesson

  • Position Yourself As The Expert Authority In Your Industry

    Discover how, in a competitive market, your position becomes the greatest tool in your arsenal.

  • You Cannot Compete On Price Alone

    Often, price has nothing to do with the customer’s decision to buy your product or service.

  • What Makes You Stand Out As An Expert?

    This set of do’s and don’ts will mould you into the most successful expert in your industry.

  • Attract The Right Type Of Customers

    Learn how to configure your mindset and actions to generate HOT PROSPECTS by repelling the wrong kind of people.

  • Real Life Success Story

    Develop a positive mental attitude with motivation from the struggles experienced by one of the most successful business owners.

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3 magic rules for your success with this training module

  • Consistency

    Lead generation is an ongoing process, which makes it essential to continuously implement the lessons learned here.

  • Authenticity

    Every industry is riddled with experts. If you want to stand out, be yourself and don’t try to copy anyone.

  • Humility

    Being an expert often comes with a huge sense of pride and ego. Keep it in check otherwise you may offend some prospects.

Invest now and begin to establish your position as an expert!

This “Position” module is one of seven FREE bonus training modules included with this Video Sales Training Course.

Full details of exactly what is included in the seven FREE bonus training modules are available on the relevant pages of this website.