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Problems Sealing The Deal? Watch Our Price Negotiation Training Video

How do you agree to your client’s reduced offer and make them feel like they have negotiated the deal of a lifetime?

  • How do you convince your clients that your lowest price is really your lowest price?

  • Are you losing business deals at the negotiation table?

  • Do you find yourself settling for a much lower price than you really want?

  • Are your clients walking away dissatisfied?

  • Do you find it difficult to discuss the pricing of your product or service with your potential clients?

  • Do you find it a challenge to negotiate a realistic price for your product or service?

Learn the art of successful negotiation with this highly effective Price Negotiation Sales Training Course.

Do you feel that you are always being beaten up on pricing and want to earn more?

Imagine a Price Negotiation Training Video that could take all these problems away.

Imagine how much better your business could be if you could negotiate like the professionals!

What if a 4-minute video could make you the Master Negotiator with guaranteed results every time?

Fruitful negotiations play a vital role in any sales process. Granted, your prices may not always be negotiable but customers tend to negotiate anyway. Negotiation is an art that requires great knowledge and skill. Successful negotiations are hinged on your ability to justify your price and/or justify a reduced price.

Learn how to do this with our highly affordable video sales training course today!

Who is this price negotiation training module for?

If you are an electrician, dentist, veterinary surgeon, plumber, electrician, accountant, landscape gardener or anything similar then this sales training course has been designed just for you. If you recognise that you need professional sales negotiation training and are on a limited budget, then you must watch this video.

What are your business needs?

This advanced negotiation training is one among 7 primary sales training modules and 8 bonus modules, developed to help you grow your business and get the best deals from your customers. No matter what you are selling, customers will always push for the lowest possible price. In reality price is what they can hold on to. It is crucial that you, the salesperson, be able to make the customer feel that he or she is getting the most out of the deal.

Consider this course as the encyclopedia of price training. This is an opportunity to learn in 4 minutes what took Tim Meagher over 3 decades to understand. Seize it!

All of our sales training courses are top-notch and this course is highly affordable!

Forget about those high-end overrated training programs you have heard of or perhaps even purchased. This is the real deal. Learn from a professional business coach today and watch your business be the envy of many others just like yours.

Are you still wondering if this course is the right investment for you? Learn More About Tim and his sales training expertise.


The training module teaches you a few lessons you will not learn elsewhere. The top 8 major takeaways from this course include:

  • The four magic rules of successful negotiations.

  • How to pitch a price to the customer in a way that gives you room to settle on your best possible price.

  • How to react when the client rejects your price.

  • How to respond to the client's reduced offer.

  • How to guide the client to an agreement without compromising your integrity.

  • How to gain the client's confidence.

  • How to secure the best price for your product or service.

  • The secret art of successful price negotiation.

Incredibly Affordable Sales Negotiation Training Course

Benefits of this online video training module

Easy to understand and apply

The best thing about this module is that it is extremely comprehensive without being too complex. Furthermore, it comes with a video transcript and a detailed workbook. This makes it very easy to understand and apply to everyday business practice.

Save time

Forget having to attend seminars and workshops. Simply invest in this course and watch it from the comfort of your home, office or whilst you are on the go.

Hugely Convenient

The fact that you can watch this video from your office, desk, workstation or tablet makes it very convenient. You can even take it home.


Budget friendly

You will not dig too deep into your pockets for this course.

Incredibly Effective

This module is a result of forty years experience in sales and sales training. Tim has helped thousands of businesses develop, by training sales people on price negotiation and ultimately sealing the deal.

You have taken the first step which is acknowledging the need for sales training. Now you know the kind of training that is best for you.

One purchase comes with a video transcript and a detailed workbook.

Invest in this training module today or keep losing sales!

This module is one of seven primary training modules in this Video Sales Training Course. An additional eight Lead Generation video training modules are also included as a FREE bonus.


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